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Bite Me! Chicken Patch


This embroidered patch is the official crest of Bite Me! Witness the three most deadly threats a vampire must face during the French Revolution: the bone-chilling FONDUE FORK, the vengeful DOMESTIC CHICKEN, and, most sinister of all, the SPOON.

…they always ask about the spoon.

Multi-color embroidery on a red twill background with an embroidered black border, this patch measures 3″ across and looks adorable on just about anything!

Note: this patch does NOT have an iron-on backing. Iron-ons are much more prone to falling off, and the plastic backing makes it hard to stitch through! This patch is 100% fabric and thread, so once you stitch it on, it’s not going anywhere.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x .01 in