Excerpts from an illustrated educational serial story by Mike Peterson, following the adventures of a young Quebecois voyageur on his first canoe trip into the wild North of Canada at the beginning of the 19th century.


Au Pays d’en Haut

Reggie Watts


Ian Karmel.

A dozen-plus comedians featured at the 13th annual Bridgetown Comedy Fest in Portland, OR, for the Portland Mercury festival coverage. One of the festival venues is a semi-open mic at a local bar. AD Justin Morrison, editor Alison Hallett. Too much fun getting to draw all these folks!


Bridgetown Comedy Fest

Illustration for the 2013 Monsters and Dames charity art book for the Emerald City Comicon.

The Women’s Winged

Excerpts from my novelty art book Danse Macabre 2.0, which puts a contemporary spin on the medieval Dance of Death motif. The book includes several more illustrations paired with morbid verse, an introduction by mortician Caitlin Doughty, and examples of actual period art with notes on the people depicted. Buy the book from me here!


Danse Macabre 2.0
Illustration: Series: Animals for Animals
Illustration: Series: Thursday Next
Portfolio: Series: Dogs in the Vineyard
Illustration: Series: Goddesses

A slightly ukiyo-e take on the delightful nuanced character Lady Eboshi, from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke. 

Illustration: Lady Eboshi

True love never dies!

…or it does it.

Illustration: Skullhouettes

A line-up of all the female Starfleet officers from the first two Star Trek shows.

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Illustration: Ladies of Trek

Ariana, the 18th century lady-librarian who is one of the main characters in my graphic novel Family Man.

Illustration: the Librarian.

The recording artist St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark.

Illustration: St. Vincent

Ariadne and the Minotaur pass some time in the labyrinth with the magic way-finding ball of string. There’s not much to do between sacrifices!

Drawn for the 2012 edition of the Monsters & Dames artbook, a benefit publication produced each year by the Emerald City Comicon.

Illustration: Monsters & Dames 2012
Lady Parts