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Family Man, Vol.1

Artist/writer, graphic novel. Elea Press, 2011.
176 pages, 8.5×11″ oversize edition, perfect bound.
Sepia and full-color interiors.
ISBN: 978-0982343746

Historical fiction; drama with a surreal edge.
Appropriate for mature audiences.

Luther Levy has just sabotaged his own academic career. When a second chance comes in the form of a job offer at a far-flung university, he once more leaves behind the (dis)comforts of his misfit family’s home. He soon becomes romantically entangled with the daughter of the University’s head professor, and is drawn into the ancient clash of beliefs that once tore her own family apart…

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Bite Me! a vampire farce

Artist/writer, graphic novel. Elea Press, 2012 (anniversary edition).
184 pages, 7.5×10″, perfect bound with French flaps.
Black and white interiors.
ISBN: 978-0988220201

Historical fiction/comedy; supernatural spoof.
Appropriate for ages 8+.

The vampires of Paris have two problems: 1) their leader, Audric seems to have gone missing along with most of the coven; 2) it’s the French Revolution. Can they rescue their colleagues, survive the put-downs of an annoyed German werewolf, and keep a handle on the world’s most overqualified kitchen wench, all while avoiding the guillotine? Probably not! Let’s watch them fail! This special edition includes a brand-new 12 page story.

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Artist/writer, single-issue comic. Elea Press, 2012.
24 pages, standard comics dimensions, saddle-stitch (staple-bound)
Two-tone interiors (black with spot-red)

Fairy tale/fable.
Appropriate for ages 8+.

Nominated for a 2012 Eisner Award in Best Digital Comic category. Everybody knows that you should be careful what you wish for. But should you be careful of what other people wish for, too? When a laundry girl rescues a fox from a hunt, both of their lives will be changed forever…

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Danse Macabre 2.0

Artist/writer, novelty/art book. Elea Press, 2012.
48 pages, 5.25×5″, hardback
Full color interiors
ISBN: 978-0988220225

Art history, morbid nonsense.
Appropriate for ages 10+.

The Dance of Death was one of the most popular motifs of the medieval plague years. Hundreds of versions depicted people of all classes and professions doing their best to resist Death’s jaunty musical invitation. This book updates the series for the 21st century, subjecting hatable contemporary characters like the Hipster, the Celebutante, and the Pundits to the siren song of the void! Includes an introduction by mortician Caitlin Doughty.

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The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan

Artist, chapter, written by Bryan Doerries. Pantheon, 2016.
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Welcome to Bordertown


Artist, “Fair Trade”, short story, written by Sara Ryan. Random House, 2011.
Bordertown Series Website. 
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Twisted Journeys: The Fifth Musketeer

Artist, graphic novel, written by Justine & Ron Fontes, colored by Jenn Manley Lee. Lerner, 2011.
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Wire Mothers: Harry Harlow and the Science of Love

Artist, graphic novel, written by Jim Ottaviani. GT Labs, 2007.
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Flight: Volume One.

Writer, short story, illustrated by Bill Mudron. Villard, 2004.
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