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Affordable Cleric Act

Created: 10 Sep 2014 / Categories: Commerce, Design

I have a new t-shirt design up in the PvP/TableTitans shop at WeLoveFine! Perfect for your favorite social activist/dungeon-crawler. If you missed it when it sold out at GenCon and PAX Prime, it’s available online!




Autumn Day

Created: 09 Oct 2012 / Categories: Design, Poetry, Sketchbook

This morning’s lettering practice, using my favorite translation of Rilke’s poem Herbsttag (Autumn Day); I always think of this version when the weather turns to autumn.


They’re Wrong About You

Created: 27 Sep 2012 / Categories: Design


Sock Madness

Created: 04 Jun 2012 / Categories: Design, Drawing

I’ve been wearing weird socks and tights as a fashion statement since way before it was cool. (Trust me, being “that girl with the tights” does not necessarily win you points in junior high.) I also have the good fortune to share a city with Sock Dreams, a veritable empire of fancy hosiery.

This weekend I had a burst of inspiration and sketched out a bunch of designs for socks, tights, and leggings. Very fun, and I’d sure love to get some of them made! (Click to see the designs at full-size.)