Incredible! Less than a week since the Kickstarter project launched, and we’ve passed the initial goal of $15,000. I’m blown away by the enthusiasm and generosity of all my backers. Thank you to all of you!

We still have almost a month left on the project, which means a month left to get a 10% discount on books and receive your copies (and all that sweet extra stuff!) before I put them on sale.

It also means we can start adding on new rewards and features! If we raise $17890, I’ll be able afford the inclusion of a NEW 11-page story in the anniversary edition of Bite Me! Guys, I have wanted to do this since forever, and I know we can make it. I can’t go on living as the only person who knows how Audric became a vampire, and why it involves a lute, an untimely sneeze, and a room full of nuns.

If we do make it to $17890, I’ll add a reward where a high-level contributor will have a cameo in the comic as the person indirectly responsible for all of Bite Me! happening.

And, on a related note, here is the image for the second 4×6″ art print – a little line-up of Claire through the ages! (Hey, when you’re that pale, you pick a palette and you stick with it.)