I spent most of my working time this weekend putting together the Family Man website move/redesign.  With the assistance of Mr. Tyler Martin it will hopefully come out looking very classy and atmospheric!  And all in one place, so you’re not obliged to scoot around addresses to read the blessed thing.

BUT all work and no play makes Dylan a cranky girl, so I finally let myself color what I called the Revolutionary Hotties print.

Here’s the current draft of the near-finished project (click it for full-size):


Yes.  I went there.  It’ll be on sale starting sometime this week in the store, to commemorate Bastille Day and the brave, idealistic, occasionally evil, but always charismatic men who gave their heads for the Revolution. I salute them!  And their cute little butts.

I know you want some 18th century man-meat on your wall.  You so do. ADMIT IT.

I haven’t quite settled on the dimensions – 8 x 16?  Meredith has warned me that I will rue the day I try to ship anything longer than 12 inches on a side, but dammit I never claimed to be smart, and I kind of adore poster tubes.  What say you, internet.