Preview of Family Man page 189

Page 189 now online!

This week’s page is moderately Not Safe For Work; there are no Frontal Personal Bits but there is a fair amount of everything else.  HaHA, thought you could make it through a comic set in an all-male 18th century institution without a little homoeroticism?  YOU THOUGHT WRONG, READERS.

Moving on!

Not much news this week beyond the ongoing march of pre-orders. The $40 packages are within sight of being finished; watercolor packages are going at about three a week; and book-only packages are going just as fast as I can draw inside the covers. You guys! You ordered a lot of books! It’s fantastic. I wish I had five of me so I could send them to you INSTANTLY.

Meanwhile, I’m mulling over notions of fun exclusives to bring to SPX, this September 11th and 12th in Bethesda; if you have any requests or neat ideas for things you might like to purchase from me, chime in and I’ll add it to the basket of possibilities!