Remember that hand wound?  It’s lots better, but now I have the flu.  But before the Nyquil drags me under, here is some very exciting news! Mark your calendars now:

Floating World book release!

Courtesy of  Jason Leivian, proprietor of the lovely Portland establishment Floating World Comics, Family Man will have a release and signing party on-site!  It will be on July 15th from 5 to 8pm.  So you Portland-area folk don’t need to stalk me or buy scalped tickets to San Diego just to get my scrawl on the inside cover of your copy of Family Man.

I’ve never done a solo event before, but I figure this book deserves it – especially since you, my wonderful crazy readers, made it possible. Floating World is one of my favorite places in Portland, period, and its shelves are a testament to the very best that comics can offer.  I’m very honored to drag this book into the world through their doors!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled cold medicine.