Short Stories

Sure, some comics journalists venture into war zones to bring back hard, human truths. But how many of them could spend a day at the local dog show…and live to tell about it? Originally published in the Portland Mercury.

A single-issue length fairy tale. The old saying goes “be careful what you wish for,” but this fable suggests it’s a good idea to be careful of what other people wish for, too. Even when they’re not people. Nominated for the Eisner Award in the Best Digital Comic category, 2012.

Why Battle Hall Davies won’t be attending her high school reunion. Written by Sara Ryan and featuring one of the main characters from her prose novel, Empress of the World.

A short review of thirteen generations of women named Mary Rafferty, all hailing from a spacefaring clan of red-headed matriarchs. This little ditty is an informal backstory for Mare, an occasional character in Jenn Manley Lee‘s graphic novel series Dicebox.¬†