If you’re not sure where to start with my work, I recommend the major projects below. You can read them all online!


FAMILY MAN.       Read online | Buy in Print 

It’s 1768, and Luther Levy has just been kicked out of grad school. When a mysterious acquaintance appears with an offer that seems too good to be true, Luther must decide whether he’s ready to return to the cut-throat university world. Meanwhile, Rector Jakob Nolte rules over the University of Familienwald, and his daughter Ariana oversees the school’s crown jewel…an enormous library. But while the University is dedicated to the light of knowledge, deep shadows lie between father and daughter – deeper even than the shadows in the woods outside of the University walls. Recommended for mature audiences.


BITE ME!      Read onlineBuy in Print

Back in 1792, France had a lot of ticked-off peasantfolk, and people’s heads start popping up in some very weird places. This makes thing a little sticky for the Hordes of Darkness. It’s hard enough going about your (un)life on the average night, but now even the sturdiest of covers are being blown by frenzied revolutionaries out to get anybody who wears lots of black and has nice taste.

So what are you going to do? Turn into a bat every time you hear a loud noise? Move back into your sire’s basement in Transylvania? Call Satan collect and cry into the phone? The vampires of Paris are about to find out…  Recommended for Ages 8+. 


 OUTFOXED.     Read online | Buy in Print

We all know that you should be careful what you wish for. But should you also be careful of what other people wish for? Even if they’re not actually people? This short fable (23 pages) was nominated for a 2012 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic. Recommended for Ages 8+.



You can find even more comics by visiting these pages on this site:

I’ve also written about comics and given interviews for several different books and websites. Here’s a selection:

Tips on Writing Comics: What Artists Wish You Wouldn’t Do. (
I speak with author and friend Sara Ryan about some of the missteps new comics writers often take when creating a script. I’ve written for others and drawn for others, and written/drawn for myself, so this is an issue I know about from both sides!

Drawing Your Way Into Bordertown. (
An illustrated article demonstrating how I designed and drew a short comic for the Welcome to Bordertown anthology – an interesting challenge, since the Bordertown settings has been described by so many writers before I got the chance to DRAW it!

An Interview With Dylan Meconis. (Vol 1 Brooklyn)
I spoke with Tobias Carroll about some of the themes and techniques I use in the first volume of my graphic novel, Family Man.