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Animals for Animals: Three French Hens

Created: 16 Dec 2009 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

The penultimate Animals for Animals watercolor!  Next I’ll do a bat, and then I have one or two that have been specifically commissioned (I’m workin’ on em gang, don’t worry!) and won’t be for sale.


The French Hens

…why, what else did you think hens would read?  Tolstoy?  I doubt it.

This piece does double-duty as part of 12 Days of Periscope Christmas over at ComicsAlliance.  Thanks to Laura Hudson for coming up with the brilliant notion of hiring us all on to illustrate the classic carol all comic-book style.

Animals for Animals: Musical Bees! (and Gaming Rats)

Created: 11 Dec 2009 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

Today’s Animals for Animals:  musical bees!  Once I had the Morning Glory Victrola idea I couldn’t help myself, even though I know that fewer people are obsessed with cute insects. Up for sale at Etsy.

Bees for Heifer

Bees are the second animal I’ve painted that Heifer International actually deals with (although granted, not bumblebees like these)!  Apiaries are apparently an amazing income supplement in rural communities, and with honeybees on the wane, encouraging cultivation is more important than ever.

Wednesday’s animal was: Gaming Rats.

Rats for Heifer

I realized after painting it that it’s a chillingly accurate psychological portrait of my family’s game nights.  My dad is a tender-hearted pacifist who refuses to adopt the ruthless capitalist strategy necessary to win at Monopoly.  Whereas my mom is a heartless predator, and I’m her cheerful apprentice.

I’m knocking at the door of my $500 goal!  Yay!

Animals for Animals: Knitting Hedgehog

Created: 08 Dec 2009 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

Today’s Animals for Animals original watercolor fundraiser is a Knitting Hedgehog!

Knitting Hedgehog for Heifer International

What a sweet little fellow.  Maybe he’s knitting a full-body scarf for a weasel friend.

For sale on Etsy!

Animals for Animals: Connected Otter

Created: 04 Dec 2009 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

Today’s Heifer International fundraising painting-for-sale:  a Connected Otter!

Connected Otter

It’s not a MacBook.  It’s a ShellBook!  (that’s why it works underwater.)  This otter understands that in today’s wired world, being down on the river bottom eating a fish is no excuse for being out of touch.

Animals for Animals: Leggy Llama

Created: 03 Dec 2009 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

Behold!  Another day, another fundraising critter for Heifer International.  These things keep selling immediately!  (If you want a good leap on one then I recommended hanging around my Twitter account between 11 and 3 Pacific.)

I love this one so much, guys.  Witness ye the Leggy Llama.

Llama for Heifer

Also already sold!  I think I’ll start noodging the price up a little bit, since folks seem to be very enthusiastic about both the paintings and the beneficiary.

After I raise $500 I will produce prints so that those of you without much spending money can contribute, too!