Uninvited guests

Detail from page 276 of Family Man.

I’m gearing up for the arrival of 6,000 books sometime in the next week or so (I hope!). When they do turn up, I will turn into a Shipping Machine, calling upon my hordes of winged monkeys to fulfill the 800+ orders awaiting fulfillment. I’ll be taking it day by day, but hopefully getting enough out the door that I can make time to keep updating; if not, well, at least I’ll be stepping away during the holiday blitz. I’m so excited to get these books out into the world!

In the meantime: you have checked out To Be Or Not To Be, haven’t you? C’mon seriously, it’s a choose-your-path story book version of Hamlet. Written by Ryan North. With over a hundred different endings, illustrated by jerks like ME! You are powerless to resist!