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family man

Family Man update!

Created: 23 Jun 2009 / Categories: Family Man

Page 143Page 143 of Family Man now online!

And now here is a page guaranteed to startle and confuse, if Luther’s face is any judge.

But, whatever you think is going on:  I’ll repeat my mantra of wait for it. Your questions should be answered by Labor Day.

Family Man notes!

Created: 26 May 2009 / Categories: Bite Me!, Books, Family Man


Family Man: New Notes!

I’m in the middle of working my way through the Bite Me! shipping backlog, putting together material for potential future publishing projects, and preparing for a week in New York for MoCCA!

Not to mention picking up yet another sexy round of prescriptions in an attempt to make my post-viral breathing tube look less like this:

freewayAnd more like this:


So I’m taking a pass on a page this week, which drives me nuts but seems responsible.

But, here we are, a new set of notes for pages 130-140!  I really went kind of insane this time, trying to explain both wigs and early Protestant theology.  I know that you have had burning questions about these things for a very long time. Consider them answered.

And, again, I’ll be at the MoCCA Art Festival in New York, June 6-7, tabling with Klio of SPQR Blues.

Family Man update!

Created: 12 May 2009 / Categories: Family Man

Family Man Page 140 preview

Page 140 of Family Man now online!


No wild tip-offs in this page: but some useful insight into who the Rector is.  Also:  lots of dead stuff!  Yay dead stuff!

Next week: what the Rector was doing in between Universities.  (Wild tip-offs: possible.)

Notes for pages 131-140 will go up this weekend, per tradition.  Rather than spending my evening seeing Star Trek a second time with my friends, I spent it researching the history of wig-powdering and Reform theology.  I can’t tell if this makes me more, or less, of a total dweeb.

Other news: I am finally well(ish), so shipments of Bite Me! are now going out at a regular clip.  I hope to work my way up to present-day on domestic orders very soon, and then send out stuff to all you international types in one big orgy of customs forms.

Thank you to everybody who’s ordered the book!  It’s been a lot of fun sending it out into the world.

Family Man update!

Created: 06 May 2009 / Categories: Family Man

Preview Page 139
Page 139 of Family Man now online!

The gents continue their conversation.  Welcome to the junk room of the Rector’s Mansion!  The Enlightenment, she produced a lot of bric-a-brac.  I suspect this room contains a lot of dubious gifts from various University patrons looking to unload their weird collections.

In the daylight it just looks like a room full of crap.  At night: atmosphere!

Next week:  it’s time for a new round of notes!  At last, you will know why Luther’s joke was funny.  (To him, at least.)

Family Man update!

Created: 28 Apr 2009 / Categories: Bite Me!, Family Man


Page 138 of Family Man now online!


And we’re back to updates!  Thank Christmas, I was getting very tired of Wednesdays without tormenting Luther.  Or, really, without tormenting everybody in this story in differing measure; but readers probably most of all.

I am striving to finish this chapter soon so that I can decide how to go about getting Volume I of Family Man available in print.

And speaking of dead tree editions, in case one of you has been studiously ignoring me this past week:  Bite Me! is now available in book form!  Hurray!  I no longer have a dayjob, so your support – in the form of advertising on the sparkly new Bite Me site or buying your own Super Special copy of the book – means scads to me.