In about twelve hours and change, the fabulous Katie Lane and I will be getting up to hop a plane (or planes, rather) to New York.

We’ll be there close to a week, ostensibly for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) festival on the 6th and 7th, but also to eat lots of food, see plays on the cheap, poke around museums, and just generally make nuisances of ourselves.

During the festival, I’ll be at table 517 with Klio from  SPQR Blues!  I’ll have books and minicomics and a few other things for giveaway – please stop by and say hello!  I am very friendly and I will write silly things inside your book.


Speaking of books, I’ve sent out almost all Bite Me! orders at this point – less than a dozen orders have been delayed due to reprinting of some sold out art, shirts, and a slight shortage of spoons (who’d have thought).  But odds are that if you paid online, your package is on the way as of this evening.  Hurray!  It feels good to be mostly caught up.  International orders have all gone out as well,with only a few exceptions like the above.

It does make me feel ridiculous charging folks the $15 US it can cost to send a book overseas, but it’s also no fun to eat the mailing expense – if somebody in the UK knows of a decent small press distributor who’d be up for taking on my UK, Commonwealth, and European orders, I’d be interested in connecting.  It would be a pretty light task all things considered.

And now:  packing!  See you all in New York, and I’ll see the rest of you online when I get home.  It’s gonna be one crazy little summer, and I look forward to it.

(There might be a half page of Family Man tonight.  To settle my nerves, if nothing else.)