Happy Bastille Day, gang!


Celebrate by swinging by the store and purchasing your very own sluttypants lineup of revolutionaries!

Or you could organize a mob and storm a prison containing only a half dozen rather well-treated white collar criminals and a couple of psychotics and aristocratic perverts.  Hey, if you do anything as productive as writing the Declaration of the Rights of Man afterwards, we’ll call it a win.

One of my favorite forgotten underlying causes of the French Revolution; financial stress caused by the military expense of saving our punk little revolutionary butts over here in America.  Yes, without the support of poor King Louis XVI, we Yanks would be spelling ‘honor’ with a u and paying for things with currency depicting the Queen’s corgis instead of mystical freedom pyramids.

So, my fellow Americans, any time some bellicose fellow says something rash about the French in your presence, gently remind him that France took it in the teeth for us back in 1776, which in turn sparked off the upheaval of the revolution, which eventually gave rise to European nationalism, from whence came those pesky World Wars. Then prepare to run, very quickly.

In the meantime, raise a glass, tear open a baguette, and buy a print, mordi!