First on the Pyre

March 16th, 2012

Preview of Page 246

Page 246 of Family Man.

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That’s it for this little scene, although next week the action continues with Ariana. Man! So many rustic outfits to coordinate. I think I made it through without mixing up anybody’s survivalist accessories.

Last week I hijacked the Boy Howdy podcast and talked a whole bunch about Family Man with Bill Mudron. If you sent in a question, odds are 90% that I answered it in there! We also talked for a bit up front about all sorts of fun nerdy pop culture stuff before I got to rambling about the origins of the research university in 18th century Central Europe. Go listen and decide for yourselves which part is more interesting.

And, as you will note from the main site’s blogpost header, there is still a comments section! Hurray! If you have trouble seeing ‘em, you’ll need to specifically whitelist the section (not just the whole site) if you wanna jump in.

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