Family Man Page 230

November 23rd, 2011

Preview of Page 230

Page 230 now online!

Dramatic ankles! And so much wolf fur. Oh lord so much. Man, if you knew the anxiety and anticipation I had coming up to this page! But in the end it all comes down to poinking in individual strands of fur.

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans (and the American-resident). I would hardly be patriotic if I did not provide an economic stimulus for the holiday season, so if you make your way to the Store and enter discount code “Spinoza” at checkout, you will get 20% off your entire order! (Note: Bite Me! is still between printings, but there is plenty of other fun to be had.)

Thank you for ordering – and happy incipient holidays, y’all.

Family Man: Page 229

November 18th, 2011

Preview of Page 229

Page 229 now online!

Just when you think you’re going to spend a nice evening devouring a rabbit in the peace and quiet of your own snow-filled valley… Last week will be the end of this little sequence, and then, friends, we will officially be Getting Places.

Thank you to everybody who came out for Comics Underground last night! Portlanders, it is a genuinely delightful event – consider attending in January.

American Thanksgiving looms before us this coming week. I’ll be spending the holiday weekend updating the Notes section (hurray!) and then on Thanksgiving Sunday I’ll be appearing in another annual Freelancer Roundtable podcast, facilitated by Katie Lane and featuring Bill and Erika. Stay tuned!

Family Man update!

November 11th, 2011

Preview of Page 228

Page 228 now online!

Some of this might be starting to look familiar. I suggest you maybe reread the Prologue, if it’s been awhile. (Don’t let that five year-old art stop you! Agh, my eyes.) Also, man, bunnies just have no kind of luck in this comic, do they? I swear there’s no personal vendetta at work.

Portlanders! Please join me and everybody else who is cool at Comics Underground, next Saturday (11/17) at the Jack London bar, where the fantastic Everett Patterson and I will be doing a reading of Outfoxed. I’ll be sharing the stage with several irritatingly talented people, including my studiomate Ron Chan and friend Mike Russell! It’ll be swell.

In the meantime, I put up a series of 12 Western-themed illustrations I did for a roleplaying game this fall on my Flickr stream – I’m fond of how they turned out. Click on the preview below to visit:

Dogs in the Vineyard

Family Man update!

November 3rd, 2011

Preview of Page 227

Page 227 now online!

I realize that this story gives new meaning to the term “slow build,” but do trust me when I say that this page is a bit of a milestone! You’ll find out soon what the deal is with this particular moon we’ve been working up to.

I’ve had a busy week, so no time for new drawings of goddesses! But one of the things I’ve been gleefully working away at is a staged reading of my recent short story, Outfoxed, to be performed in Portland on November 17 as part of Comics Underground. Put it on your calendars, local types! If you have never seen me in front of a live audience…I…it’s like a drug for me. You will want to be there.

Details are on the site, and I will remind you all again next week! (With apologies to my readers who live everywhere else.)

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