Family Man update!

December 30th, 2010

Preview of page 204

Page 204 now online!

Here’s your last page for 2010, all. I promise that 2011 will involve more kissing (in addition to historical architecture).

I’d like to thank all of you for being a bright light in a very challenging year. Your support made it possible for me to publish and sell Volume 1 – the most wonderful source of income I’ve yet come by – and your lovely letters, enthusiastic convention conversations, and wacky plot speculations have kept me afloat through many a tough moment in 2010.

I’ll have many more things for your entertainment and edification in the new year. Thank you for your hearts, brains, and eyeballs.

Family Man update! Also end of sale.

December 17th, 2010

Preview of page 203

Page 203 now online!

In the age of online personals and speed-dating, a secret library rendezvous sounds rather nice, doesn’t it?

December 17th is the last day to get Family Man for $5 off! I’m spending the day sending out orders, so if you get yours in before 5pm Pacific I will personally put it in the mail (Priority) by quitting time. You see the power you wield over me.

Next week Friday is, oh, hm, Christmas Eve. Ideally I’ll be able to get a page up, but holiday travel and the fact that nobody will be online to read it* might result in a super-special post-Christmas two-page update before the new year instead. You can keep up with Danse Macabre in the meantime. Holiday cheer for all types!


*I know that all my non-Christmasing readers will be out watching Tron. No, no, don’t bother denying it. I won’t judge.

Family Man update!

December 10th, 2010

Preview of Page 202

Page 202 now online!

Now and then I have to implement a scene transition that, when read without the follow-up page, makes for a klunky reading experience. This is one of those weeks. However, there is a pleasant solution for this (general) problem, which is to read the comic in book form! There’s one week left on my $5 off of Family Man Vol. I deal, and juuuust enough time left to receive a package for the holidays.

I’ve also been drawing a series of modern tributes to the medieval Danse Macabre motif, the (very silly) original art for each of which is up in the Etsy store. A new death goes up each weekday until I run out of ideas!  You can also see the whole set on Flickr by clicking the thumbnail of “The Fitness Enthusiast” below:

I’ll do a proper roundup in the blog when I tire out, but Flickr’s a good place to follow along from home.

There’s also some original Family Man art in the Periscope store which is looking for a kind and loving owner:


Because I don’t think I ever mentioned it here!  Aren’t they cute, those kids.  They’re so doomed.

Family Man update! Plus Holiday Sale fun.

December 3rd, 2010

Preview of Page 201

Page 201 now online!

And here you thought it would be another 200 pages before you got more kissing! Happy Hanukkah.

Holidaytopia is upon us, so it is time for fancy deals. In the store, the Family Man Volume I book is $5 off until December 17th, with a free upgrade to Priority shipping in the US! And for the first time there is an option to have me add a sketch (something I only did for the pre-orders and convention books).

Last week I participated in another marathon roundtable discussion with Erika Moen, Bill Mudron, and (offscreen moderator) Katie Lane about the ups, down, how-tos, and oh-god-why-did-you-just-say-thats of being a freelance cartoonist. It’s in the Podcast page along with last year’s edition. You can also find the edited audio version on Katie’s blog Work Made For Hire.

See you next week, when there will be more exciting kissing! Or will there?

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