Family Man update!

November 19th, 2010

Preview of Page 200

Page 200 now online!

I always feel a little silly going “this random page’s particular number is divisible by ten! PARTAY!” but hey, 200 pages. That’s a lot!


In other milestones: my good friend Jenn Manley Lee has completed Book One of her epic online graphic novel series, Dicebox. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read it before, this is a great opportunity to become a fan just in time for the print edition next year.

Family Man update!

November 12th, 2010

Preview of Page 199

Page 199 now online!

Not an auspicious beginning to that morning-after conversation. You can look up the meaning of “fotze” for yourself, if you’re over 18.

Thank you to everybody who came by Webcomics Weekend! It was a lovely way to end this merciless year of conventions. Now that I’m home I can finally finish off those last eight pre-order watercolor paintings (!), wash all my socks, and hopefully hit a long string of uninterrupted updates.

Next week will be page 200! Holy mackerel.

New scene, NEWW scene.

November 4th, 2010


Page 198 now online!

Well! That’s quite enough intimate kissing by candlelight. Back to dudes carping at each other in a well-lit library. Oh, statuary, will I ever tire of using you to mark scene transitions? Survey says no.

Some things of note this week! First off, everybody should go buy Barry Deutsch’s wonderful book Hereville! Barry is a friend and a top-notch cartoonist, and Hereville is his lovely, witty, unusual, most-ages book about an 11 year-old Orthodox Jewish girl using her chutzpah to outwit some seriously cranky foes. (Bonus: I posed in reference photos for a lot of things Mirka does. It was super fun.) Pair it with Raina Telgemeier’s Smile as a holiday or bar/bat mitzah gift for that smart, funny kid you know and you’ll create a comics reader for life.

Secondly: I’ll be at New England Webcomics Weekend (#NEWW on Twitter) in Easthampton, MA. I’m really looking forward to this one – it promises a lot of quality time with readers and fellow creators, something that rarely happens at bigger commercial shows. If you’re in the area, please buy a ticket and come enjoy some of the internet’s finest.

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