Book release and signing, July 15!

June 30th, 2010

Remember that hand wound?  It’s lots better, but now I have the flu.  But before the Nyquil drags me under, here is some very exciting news! Mark your calendars now:

Floating World book release!

Courtesy of  Jason Leivian, proprietor of the lovely Portland establishment Floating World Comics, Family Man will have a release and signing party on-site!  It will be on July 15th from 5 to 8pm.  So you Portland-area folk don’t need to stalk me or buy scalped tickets to San Diego just to get my scrawl on the inside cover of your copy of Family Man.

I’ve never done a solo event before, but I figure this book deserves it – especially since you, my wonderful crazy readers, made it possible. Floating World is one of my favorite places in Portland, period, and its shelves are a testament to the very best that comics can offer.  I’m very honored to drag this book into the world through their doors!

And now, back to your regularly scheduled cold medicine.

Ow. Ew. Hey!

June 28th, 2010

Hi all – just a quick update.

Through personal brilliance I managed to wear a nasty little wound into the palm of my drawing hand this weekend!  (Excellent timing, right?)

Typing is okay, but drawing is painful (and more than a little icky in the aftermath).  It should calm down in a day or two if I behave, and with luck the page will be up on Friday.  I’m disappointed to punt, but I figure acquiring stigmata is probably a sign from the universe.

But, on the upshot, it seems that the first load of books has arrived!  Just a few hundred, mostly reserved for mailing to the San Diego Comic-con, but enough that once my hand chills out I will be able to start sending out some of the earliest book-only pre-orders.  Woo!

Book book book!

June 24th, 2010

So! I have my advance copy of the Family Man book!

(You can see this video at its home on Flickr here.)

Very exciting! It would be even more so, if I weren’t so tired that I can barely keep my head up. As I warned might happen, I have passed the “not healthy to try to post this week’s page on time” line. It’ll be up sometime this weekend, and look all the better for it.

Ugh, seriously, LJ readers:  I am completely on fumes, here.  I worried so hard about this book that I think I may have popped a kidney.  It looks great, and all the other cool stuff packaged along with the limited edition pre-orders is going to look great, too.  If keeping on top of all (and planning for the San Diego Comic-Con) that were all I were doing right now, I’d still be pooped – but the last two weekends on the road for family stuff, and the several freelance engagements I’m holding down on top of it all, have wiped me out.

So what I’m saying here is that cloning technology is starting to look pretty good.

Family Man update!

June 18th, 2010

Preview of Page 184

Page 184 now online!

Erika refers to the poses in the bottom panel as “Disco Inferno”.  She has a point. Although at this period in history it would probably be a Waltz Inferno.

The word from my printer is that the book has come off the presses and looks great – it’s in line at the binding machine today and should be shipping to me early next week.  That means we have arrived at your last chance to get a free sketch in your copy!  Once the book stops being a preorder and starts being a, well, order, I’ll only be drawing in books at conventions or as part of a fancier package. Thank you again to all of you who made the book possible. I’ll be dreaming up promotional ideas all this month.

Happy Solstice, all!

Family Man update!

June 11th, 2010

Preview of Page 183

Page 183 now online!

It continues to amaze me that people read this comic, because I am making jokes about Biblical scholarship. Remember that last comic I did, guys?  People got hit in the face with chickens in that comic.  For the next one you can expect, I don’t know. Hungarian puns, maybe.  Whatever will throw off the bell curve.

Anyway: the book!  It’s off to the presses!  There’s no turning back now.  That typo I probably didn’t notice on page 171?  That typo is going to be there FOREVER.  I’m taking lots of long walks and trying to breathe through my nose.

See you next week!  There’s some harsh and unfortunate stuff kicking my family around at present which might well knock me off the rail, but I’ll do my best to stick to schedule as long as it seems healthy.

Monday Morning Poem: Low-Tide

June 7th, 2010



These wet rocks where the tide has been,
Barnacled white and weeded brown
And slimed beneath to a beautiful green,
These wet rocks where the tide went down
Will show again when the tide is high
Faint and perilous, far from shore,
No place to dream, but a place to die,–
The bottom of the sea once more.
There was a child that wandered through
A giant’s empty house all day,–
House full of wonderful things and new,
But no fit place for a child to play.

Edna St.Vincent-Millay
photo by junkast

Family Man update!

June 5th, 2010

Preview of page 182

Page 182 now online!

This page is late, but there’s no kissing in it anyway, so I doubt that anybody is shedding tears. Instead there is a passage from Hosea as quoted by the apostle Paul. Sexiness factor: ZERO PERCENT.

It’s sunny out for the first time in ages and I’ve blown most of the day coloring in 18th century lecture attendees. So I’ll bid you adieu until the next page!

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