Family Man update!

February 24th, 2010


Page 171 now online.

There once was, and there will be again, a time where I post something other than just updates to the comic.  Now is not that time, however.  I’m working on getting myself feeling a little more grounded over all, which means I’m going to be scarcer than usual online for the next little bit, here.  (Dear everybody I’m currently working on stuff for:  it is, in fact, happening!)

Meanwhile, please enjoy another page in which wildlife gets the better of our young protagonists.  Next:  notes!

And now, to bed.

Art sale!

January 25th, 2010

Hey all!  I’m experiencing one of those Freelance Moments(tm) where I’m short on cash despite being heartily employed.  Solution:  art sale!

I traditionally hate parting with original art, particularly from comics projects and especially when it’s not an in-person sale; it’s a little easier when I design something to be given away or when I get to meet the person taking it home!

So this is your excellent chance to snag some art from me if you don’t typically make it to conventions.

Up for sale on Etsy, everything from convention doodles to original art from Click.





The scans are on the murky side so that you can see the pencil lines underneath the inking!  These are slightly visible in real life so you and your friends can TELL it’s original art.

Family Man update! And more!

December 9th, 2009

Page 163.

Page 163 of Family Man now online!


Oh, little Ariana.  You are going to be making that face a whole bunch more as time goes on. And so will I if I have to draw too many more pages of grass.  (I’m kidding, it’s actually kind of a relief to do something loose; it’s just a pain to ink all those blades.)

And hey check it out, kids, if you order a copy of Bite Me! between now and Christmas you get a free drawing inside.  If you order the fancy package that already includes a drawing, well!  In addition to a drawing of one of the main characters you ALSO will get the complimentary addition of a chicken looking on at them.  I know how to bring it.

Second printing!

November 5th, 2009

Hey hey hey, guess what I got sixteen boxes of in the mail today?  If you guessed it was sixteen boxes of the second printing of Bite Me!, then you win!

As an extra “thank you” to everybody who ordered while the book was reprinting, trusting all the while that I was not going to run off to Cabo with their hard-earned $15, I’m including a nifty print I whipped up just for the occasion.  I promised “Claire and Lucien bein’ silly”, and lo, hopefully this qualifies:

Thanks for ordering!

Oh, those crazy kids.  Two peas in a pod, really.  A dead, bloodsucking pod.

It will be a delightful 6×10.5 inches so I can slip it into your book order all handy-like.  If I have any left over, I’ll put the extras online next week for those who might be interested.

Revolutionary Hotties! Now on sale!

July 13th, 2009

Happy Bastille Day, gang!


Celebrate by swinging by the store and purchasing your very own sluttypants lineup of revolutionaries!

Or you could organize a mob and storm a prison containing only a half dozen rather well-treated white collar criminals and a couple of psychotics and aristocratic perverts.  Hey, if you do anything as productive as writing the Declaration of the Rights of Man afterwards, we’ll call it a win.

One of my favorite forgotten underlying causes of the French Revolution; financial stress caused by the military expense of saving our punk little revolutionary butts over here in America.  Yes, without the support of poor King Louis XVI, we Yanks would be spelling ‘honor’ with a u and paying for things with currency depicting the Queen’s corgis instead of mystical freedom pyramids.

So, my fellow Americans, any time some bellicose fellow says something rash about the French in your presence, gently remind him that France took it in the teeth for us back in 1776, which in turn sparked off the upheaval of the revolution, which eventually gave rise to European nationalism, from whence came those pesky World Wars. Then prepare to run, very quickly.

In the meantime, raise a glass, tear open a baguette, and buy a print, mordi!

Revolutionary Hotties are Here For You

July 13th, 2009

I spent most of my working time this weekend putting together the Family Man website move/redesign.  With the assistance of Mr. Tyler Martin it will hopefully come out looking very classy and atmospheric!  And all in one place, so you’re not obliged to scoot around addresses to read the blessed thing.

BUT all work and no play makes Dylan a cranky girl, so I finally let myself color what I called the Revolutionary Hotties print.

Here’s the current draft of the near-finished project (click it for full-size):


Yes.  I went there.  It’ll be on sale starting sometime this week in the store, to commemorate Bastille Day and the brave, idealistic, occasionally evil, but always charismatic men who gave their heads for the Revolution. I salute them!  And their cute little butts.

I know you want some 18th century man-meat on your wall.  You so do. ADMIT IT.

I haven’t quite settled on the dimensions – 8 x 16?  Meredith has warned me that I will rue the day I try to ship anything longer than 12 inches on a side, but dammit I never claimed to be smart, and I kind of adore poster tubes.  What say you, internet.

See you in New York!

June 2nd, 2009


In about twelve hours and change, the fabulous Katie Lane and I will be getting up to hop a plane (or planes, rather) to New York.

We’ll be there close to a week, ostensibly for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) festival on the 6th and 7th, but also to eat lots of food, see plays on the cheap, poke around museums, and just generally make nuisances of ourselves.

During the festival, I’ll be at table 517 with Klio from  SPQR Blues!  I’ll have books and minicomics and a few other things for giveaway – please stop by and say hello!  I am very friendly and I will write silly things inside your book.


Speaking of books, I’ve sent out almost all Bite Me! orders at this point – less than a dozen orders have been delayed due to reprinting of some sold out art, shirts, and a slight shortage of spoons (who’d have thought).  But odds are that if you paid online, your package is on the way as of this evening.  Hurray!  It feels good to be mostly caught up.  International orders have all gone out as well,with only a few exceptions like the above.

It does make me feel ridiculous charging folks the $15 US it can cost to send a book overseas, but it’s also no fun to eat the mailing expense – if somebody in the UK knows of a decent small press distributor who’d be up for taking on my UK, Commonwealth, and European orders, I’d be interested in connecting.  It would be a pretty light task all things considered.

And now:  packing!  See you all in New York, and I’ll see the rest of you online when I get home.  It’s gonna be one crazy little summer, and I look forward to it.

(There might be a half page of Family Man tonight.  To settle my nerves, if nothing else.)

Family Man notes!

May 26th, 2009


Family Man: New Notes!

I’m in the middle of working my way through the Bite Me! shipping backlog, putting together material for potential future publishing projects, and preparing for a week in New York for MoCCA!

Not to mention picking up yet another sexy round of prescriptions in an attempt to make my post-viral breathing tube look less like this:

freewayAnd more like this:


So I’m taking a pass on a page this week, which drives me nuts but seems responsible.

But, here we are, a new set of notes for pages 130-140!  I really went kind of insane this time, trying to explain both wigs and early Protestant theology.  I know that you have had burning questions about these things for a very long time. Consider them answered.

And, again, I’ll be at the MoCCA Art Festival in New York, June 6-7, tabling with Klio of SPQR Blues.


May 20th, 2009

Ah yes!  Time to remind everybody that I will be at MoCCA in New York this June 6 & 7!  I’ll be exhibiting with (and courtesy of!) the dreadfully fantastic Klio, she who brings you SPQR Blues.  Together we will be historytastic.

I’ll be there with some of the remaining stock of Bite Me! .  Also with prints and buttons and stickers and whatever else I can cram into the suitcase that hasn’t sold out yet.

More news as we get closer to the show.  In the meantime, more books go out in the mail every few days!  It’s fun to watch the stack get skinnier.  Had a bit of a bottleneck with the button packs (those little bastards are time-consuming), but that’s on the mend, so a big chunk more of the deluxe packages will be going out soon.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled pony.


Goodbye Sadness

May 5th, 2009

Feeling ever-so-slightly more human today.  Last night the ladyfriend brought me a bouquet of lovely little purple lilies (perfect for my funeral!), topped off with the most artistic bouquet twig I have ever seen.

It is a long, meandering, and graceful twig.  It has a sort of Japanese elegance to it.  It forms a perfect counterpoint to the more stately lines of the lilies.  And, this morning, as I awoke from my cold medication haze, it was poking towards my pillow as if with tender concern.

“How are you feeling this morning?” the Artistic Twig seemed to inquire.  “Shall I call off the lilies and tell them not to expect to be thrown onto your casket?”

That is correct, Artistic Twig.  You can stick around.

No pun intended.

SO.  While I am still wearing socks and coughing up things of an exotic hue and consistency, today I’ll be coloring a page of Family Man and addressing and stuffing orders that have a time crunch on them.

Probably while Azumanga Daioh (still the only anime show I’ve gotten attached to) blares away on the television, because it never fails to be both soothing and peppy:

Fancy hearing cake indeed, ladies.  Fancy hearing cake, indeed.

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