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March 23rd, 2012

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Page 247 now online!

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What what what. What? Oh, you’ll have to wait ’til next week to find out, kids.

Seattleites and early visitors to the Emerald City Comicon! I’ll be appearing in an artist panel (with several esteemed colleagues) on Thursday, March 29, 2012, 7-8:30pm, at the Henry Art Gallery. More details here; I think this one’s going to be fairly unmissable. Curator Sarra Scherb has done a great job with the associated exhibit and in rounding up a really great bunch of panelists. It should be an interesting evening and a great kickoff to what’s always one of the best conventions of the year.

Then I’ll be exhibiting at the ECCC from Friday thru Sunday! Come find me at Table #223. I’ll have books, prints, smiles, historical anecdotes, hands for sketchin’, and these dandy new trinkets:

Yes, I know what you people like: declaring your love for comic books and excessive degrees.

I’ll see you there! Yay!

Family Man update!

November 3rd, 2011

Preview of Page 227

Page 227 now online!

I realize that this story gives new meaning to the term “slow build,” but do trust me when I say that this page is a bit of a milestone! You’ll find out soon what the deal is with this particular moon we’ve been working up to.

I’ve had a busy week, so no time for new drawings of goddesses! But one of the things I’ve been gleefully working away at is a staged reading of my recent short story, Outfoxed, to be performed in Portland on November 17 as part of Comics Underground. Put it on your calendars, local types! If you have never seen me in front of a live audience…I…it’s like a drug for me. You will want to be there.

Details are on the site, and I will remind you all again next week! (With apologies to my readers who live everywhere else.)

Coming up: TCAF!

April 30th, 2011

Preview of Page 219

Page 219 now online!

Luther: officially in too deep. That is his gift.

In super exciting appearance news, I’ll be crossing the Northern border for the first time in years and flying to lovely Toronto, Ontario to exhibit at the prestigious and excellent Toronto Comic Arts Festival! In addition to selling Family Man books, prints, stickers, and tiny paintings to Canadians of all kinds, I’ll be appearing on two supremely cool panels:

Saturday, 9:15-10:15
From Conception to Reality: Bringing Ideas to Fruition (with Kate Beaton, Joe Lambert, John Martz and Dylan Meconis, moderated by Dustin Harbin)Thank you to Dustin for the flattering invitation – I think this one will be 100% worth getting up early for.

Saturday, 2:30 – 3:15
Ask a Freelancer! (with Erika Moen, Lucy Knisley, and Dylan Meconis) A 33.3% girlier reprise of our  Stumptown panel, in which we discuss how to make a living out of freelance cartooning while keeping a jaunty tune on your lips!

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there – please come to this show if you can. It’s going to be delightful.

A Room With a View

April 22nd, 2011

Preview of Page 218

Page 218 now online!

I figured that if you weren’t getting naked people in this week’s page, you at least deserved many tiny houses. Next best thing, am I right?

Thank you to everybody who attended the Stumptown Comics Fest this past weekend in Portland! I had a lovely time at my table and on two panels.

Making Comics Panel

Classy cartoonist and comic book librarian Jen Vaughn has a great write-up of the show over on the Beat (and yes, that is Tom Neely’s epic Moby Dick print in my living room).

Welcome to Bordertown

I also got to hand out flyers for a new anthology that Sara Ryan and I have work in this spring. It’s called Welcome to Bordertown, and those of you who are fans of classic urban fantasy will already have your ears perked. There are some big names on the contributor list, and Sara and I collaborated on the only comics story in the collection. No pressure! More about that as we get closer to the May 24 release date…

Stumptown Comics Fest, coming up!

April 8th, 2011

Preview of Page 217

Page 217 now online!

This week’s page: best not to read in a compromised environment. (As the preview image might suggest.) Those of you who read the comic at work have just been having a rough time of it lately, haven’t you?

Relevant news: next weekend I’ll be at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR. I’ll be exhibiting at table C-24. I’ll have copies of Family Man, the last few copies of the second printing of Bite Me! (it will go out of print until summer or fall, so move fast!), tons of prints, stickers, original art (including stuff you won’t see online), t-shirts, and I’ll be taking commissions, too.

I’ll also be appearing on two panels. Come find me on Saturday at 11am in the “Making Comics” panel with my studiomates Erika Moen, Jonathan Case, and David Hahn, where we’ll talk about the tools and processes we use in our work.

Then find me on Sunday at 5pm in the “Ask a Freelancer” panel, where Erika and I will talk along with Steve Lieber about the actual nitty-gritty of being a self-employed artist. It is a lot of work, no fooling, and we would like to spare you aspiring professionals some grief by imparting our often hilariously hard-won wisdom.

Family Man update!

March 24th, 2011


Page 215 now online!

Every so often in this comic I have to employ some tricks that don’t translate very well when read online at a page-a-week. Just pay attention to the moon and you’ll catch on to the actual pace at which this conversation is being held. (And yes. There will be sexy times again. I promise.)

Just two weeks until I’ll be at Portland’s own Stumptown Comics Fest, and just a little over a month until you can find me in Toronto at TCAF (first time ever!). I’m looking forward to both, and there’s a good chance I’ll be speaking on panels. If you have never seen me speak in public: do. I am a giant ham.

Meanwhile, please check the Periscope Studio Tumblr for updates on some gorgeous Japan-themed artwork going up for charity auction on eBay. A piece of mine will be included!

Emerald City Comicon!

March 3rd, 2011

Preview of page 212

Page 212 now online!

Here is an early page, in honor of Emerald City Comic-Con! I’ll be at Table #208 with Erika Moen. ECCC is a really fun show with something for every nerd, so please come say hello if you haunt the Seattle area.

Also debuting there, I have a new set of giclee prints for sale. Luther and Ariana in tarot card incarnations. I won’t put them online until next week, so come snag yours!

click to see full-size!

Click to see at full(er) size.

Family Man update

February 25th, 2011

Preview of Page 211

Page 211 now online!

Scenes of passion: a good reason to hire a janitorial service?

This week! Damaged books are 50% off cover price in the store. I have a solid box of books that have been lightly rumpled, bent, or scuffed, and it’s time to share the wealth!  If you’ve been wanting to own your very own copy of Family Man or Bite Me but counting your pennies, this is a nice cheap way to go about it.

Next week! I’ll be at the Emerald City Comicon. I’ll have a new duo of prints for sale that I’ll post next week before I hit the train. Also, if you would like to commission a sketch from me to take home from the convention, I’m taking advance requests! Send me a line at dmeconis [at] gmail [dot] com (or just reply to this post!).

New scene, NEWW scene.

November 4th, 2010


Page 198 now online!

Well! That’s quite enough intimate kissing by candlelight. Back to dudes carping at each other in a well-lit library. Oh, statuary, will I ever tire of using you to mark scene transitions? Survey says no.

Some things of note this week! First off, everybody should go buy Barry Deutsch’s wonderful book Hereville! Barry is a friend and a top-notch cartoonist, and Hereville is his lovely, witty, unusual, most-ages book about an 11 year-old Orthodox Jewish girl using her chutzpah to outwit some seriously cranky foes. (Bonus: I posed in reference photos for a lot of things Mirka does. It was super fun.) Pair it with Raina Telgemeier’s Smile as a holiday or bar/bat mitzah gift for that smart, funny kid you know and you’ll create a comics reader for life.

Secondly: I’ll be at New England Webcomics Weekend (#NEWW on Twitter) in Easthampton, MA. I’m really looking forward to this one – it promises a lot of quality time with readers and fellow creators, something that rarely happens at bigger commercial shows. If you’re in the area, please buy a ticket and come enjoy some of the internet’s finest.

Family Man update!

October 29th, 2010

Preview of Page 197

Page 197 is now online!

Happy almost-Halloween! I thought about putting up a cute holiday-themed drawing, but I figured you would rather have more kissing. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

Coming up: on November 6 and 7 I’ll be off and running at New England Webcomics Weekend! My first time ever at the show. I am planning on taking it easy and having fun – they tell me this is possible. It’s quite a slog for me to get to the East Coast and next year I will have a sparser convention schedule, so if you’re anywhere within smacking distance of Northampton, consider dropping by!

Meanwhile, over at The Meek, Der-Shing is showing off another example of the best kind of lady: one who is armed and looking for literature.

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