Preview of Page 176

Page 176 now online!

It is late (for reasons of Pre-Order Madness), but by gum, here is a page!  I cannot ask the internet for money and then totally flake on this week’s update.  It would be Somehow Wrong.

But yes, about that.

As most of you know, I opened up pre-orders for the Family Man Volume I book this past Monday. I was really completely terrified that I’d have three very nice people (two possibly being blood relatives) take me up on the offer and that I’d be spending my spring desperately trying to figure out how to cobble together $10,000 for a print run.

Well, the joke is on me: It’s been four days and over 85% has already been contributed. This means I’ve gotten to sign off with my printer, set a press date and will spend the next month Making A Book instead of Worrying About Making A Book.

I really don’t have adequate words to thank you all. I figure I’ll just send you all a book, instead.

For those of you who are waiting on a paycheck to get a copy, don’t worry, pre-orders will be available until I actually get the books! although the special hootchy fancy packages are running out (we’re down to 36!). They are all right here.

Thank you all dreadfully. And now: more comics.