Hi all, the combination of (a) having to restore all of my computer’s damaged data and more importantly (b) traveling for two days midweek to support my parents during my grandfather’s final weeks has resulted in (c) no update. I would apologize, but it seems silly to apologize for taking care of family.

My grandfather was a distinguished bomber pilot during the War, flying a complete tour over Germany. He went on to work in PR – have you seen Mad Men? Yes, it was a bit like that. He was also an aspiring cartoonist, in the magazine gag genre. I’ve always found it funny that I picked the one ridiculous bohemian career that he, in his squareness, could be excited about. Granted, he keeps asking me when I’m going to break into the syndicates with my “strip”. These days I just tell him “soon, Grandpa”.

Updates will resume next week. Thank you all for your patience and notes of sympathy.