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Man, two big reveals in as many weeks!  Hearkening all the way back to, hey, page 3.  (Apologies for making you look at things I drew in 2006; I take comfort knowing it’s not nearly as painful for you as it is for me.)

Technically there’s one big reveal and one obscure tip-off.  But let’s not get greedy about it.


COMMERCE: I’ve finally acquired the last of the stock items (spoons, some of the Lady Parts prints) that were holding back some very late orders on books and prints, especially international orders!  So if you have been patiently sitting on your hands over in the UK or Canada, don’t fear, I haven’t forgotten you.


NEW STUFF:  I’ve got a new poetry chapbook out.  It’s called Private Island, and it’s for sale in my store at the LOW LOW price of $2.00, which is a mere ten cents for each page of action-packed verse, most of which has never seen the light of the internet before!

There are many flavors in this one, and it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever made at a copy shop, so snag one at will.