Family Man page 145 preview

Page 145 of Family Man now online!

Better late than never!  Here’s this week’s page of Family Man:  relative calm as compared to the frenzy of new information that’s appeared over the last few updates.  Still plenty of mystery, though.  As always.

Also of note with this update – I’ve switched over my online store services to Shopify, and have added some items, including the first ever piece of Family Man merchandise.

I’ve developed a great relationship with a local printer, who does wonderfully faithful giclee (high-end digital inkjet)  art prints – they’ve done such a great job with prints from the Lady Parts show that my only problem has been keeping them in stock.

So I’ve decided to start offering an experimental print-on-demand service for all the pages of Family Man to date.

If there’s a page you’ve really enjoyed and would like to have in a frame-ready physical form at the original size I drew it – 9×12 (or bigger, for that famous library page!), you can now buy it from me, and I will run over to the printer and ask him to please calibrate and print it just for you.

I’m starting things off at the low-low price of $25 per page (on archival paper, $40 on fancy watercolor paper).  It’s safe to say the price probably won’t drop anytime soon, so here’s your chance to get in on this before I decide it’s a big ole hassle!


Oh yeah, also, those chicken stickers are still at the store. Never gonna stop pushing these.  I love them so.