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Page 216 now online!

Look, they got a mattress! Sort of! You can stop worrying now.

Apologies (?) for the absence of an April Fool’s gag; my normal penchant for silliness has been on the fritz lately. Maybe I’ll catch you all by surprise in August! Besides, I’d feel rude interrupting the characters when they’re actually having a nice time.

Only 15 hours (as of this posting) left to bid on my piece for the Periscope Studio Japan benefit auction! Thank you to those of you who’ve already put in bids. The remaining pieces are all available for viewing  at; go look even if you’re broke, as they’re all quite lovely.

And, if you don’t know what Ariana is referencing, you’ll have to go to the Facebook page to find out. (Or wait until I put up another round of notes…)