Preview of Page 206

Page 206 now online!

Eventually we’ll have kissing that does not involve Ariana holding an open flame. I just don’t know when that will be.

And, in “Dylan heartily welcomes the year 2008” news, hey you, Facebook users: the comic finally has a Page! Go there! Follow it!

FB for personal purposes drives me crazy, but so far it’s been good fun for comics purposes!  Those of you who scorn blog accounts but are active on FB may now go crazy with the comments.

And, big news this week from not-Dylan sources: the first book of Dicebox, my good friend Jenn Manley Lee‘s sprawling urban/pagan social sci-fi epic graphic novel series in webcomic flavor (gasp for air here!) is available in book form for pre-order. Like me, Jenn has put up all kinds of crazy delightful extras to give readers even more reason fund the print run.

The book is going to be a gorgeous object, full-color, with 250+ pages of story and guest comics (including mine!).  Get the hell out of here and go reserve yours.  You won’t regret it.