Preview of Family Man page 187

Page 187 now online!

It’s been a lot of work catching up from Comic-Con (I missed at least one entire news cycle; only now do jokes on the Daily Show seem coherent to me).   But behold, here at long last is a new page.  Thank heavens for the occasional interlude taking place in a darkened wood; if it were architecture or bookspines I’d be in trouble.  Instead it’s owls and silhouetted pine boughs.  Huzzah!

I’m traveling once again this week to help out family, and my computer is exhibiting worrisome death throes.  Hopefully the both together won’t totally nix me for new comics productivity, but either way I’ll keep you posted.  At the least I’ll try to put up a new round of notes.

I’m working to send out a big pile of pre-orders every day as well!  A bunch of people have written in to change their mailing address at the last minute – if you’ve moved since you ordered, please send me a line and I’ll make sure your book doesn’t get bounced around before finding you.

I’m enjoying taking my time on the watercolor orders, making sure each of them looks pretty and has enough of my time invested to justify the generous donation.  I’ll post the two that I’ve finished so far as soon as they’ve been safely received by their new owners. (If you’re a watercolor-order person and you just CANNOT WAIT to get your book, please send me a poke and I’ll put together the whole rest of your order, ship it to you now, and send the painting when it’s ready.)