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…nyeah, I’m just gonna mess with y’all a bit longer on the neck-strap thing, although you’ve totally gotten some clues. And, for the concerned, I do promise: no loose threads when the story is over. Everything has a point!

I had a lovely time at VanCAF last week! If you live in the Pacific Northwest but didn’t get the chance to attend or exhibit, I highly recommend you make plans to go in 2013.

The crack team of organizers and volunteers put together the show that the great city of Vancouver has long deserved. Thank you to all the splendid Canadians (and assorted expats) who spoke with me!

Highlights included getting to talk comic books and animation with Steve LeCouilliard (Much the Miller’s Son) and share an Eisner-nomination-handshake with Tony Cliff (Delilah Dirk). Be sure to check out their fantastic work!