Family Man page 223

Page 223 now online!

Tra-la-la, I think we’ve officially gone from “foreshadowing” to just plain old “shadowing” at this point.

More good news for comic book fans: my studiomate Jonathan Case is taking the world by storm this month! His debut graphic novel Dear Creature hits the shelves on the 11th. You will like it, because it stars a B-movie sea monster who speaks in iambic pentameter and occasionally pauses in his wholesale devouring of careless 1960’s beach bunnies to express his longing for true love. Basically it is the best.

Dear Creature

You can also catch Green River Killer, where Jonathan provides the suitably unsettling and gritty art to match Jeff Jensen’s real-world tale of his father’s pursuit of Gary Ridgway. It’s lovely and fascinating to see Jonathan operate in such different modes.