Uncertain how to explain what “leveraging our value proposition” means for your organization? Have a complicated system or process that you need to communicate to people quickly, clearly…and memorably? Too many ideas and not enough consensus?

Or maybe you’re having a big meeting and you want a unique, visual record of the concepts and principles that emerge from it.

I can help!

I’ve worked as a visual consultant with Fortune 500 companies and local nonprofits, individuals and promising start-ups. I’ll help you determine what sort of visual communication will best address your needs, and then work with you to create something special.

I’ve created:

        • fully illustrated infographics (statistics, processes, organizational systems, change management scenarios)
        • narrative or instructional comic books (training manuals, company or product stories, case studies)
        • storyboards for short films or animation
        • digital presentations
        • I also have hundreds of hours’ experience in visual recording, in which I either physically attend a meeting to live-record events, or provide live illustration over a web client.

Whatever your need, I produce vibrant, eye-capturing work at every step, from concept sketches to a finished, fully-designed deliverable in the digital format of your choice.

Visual consulting inquiries receive a free half-hour consultation over phone, Skype, or e-mail to determine your needs and expectations. I look forward to hearing from you!