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Family Man

Family Man Update; Reviews from the Black Lagoon

Created: 18 May 2012 / Categories: Comics, Family Man

 Page 252, now online!

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Family dynamics! There is nothing more fascinating for me to draw. Although trying to show refracted moonlight on water is a bit of a mind-bender, too.

On an unrelated note, I’m looking for examples of really atrocious comics criticism. Book reviews  that are completely unhelpful, ignorant, condescending, or just plain confused about what on earth a comic book is.

If you’ve got a gem stashed away somewhere, or something that (as an intelligent reader of comic books) makes your blood boil, I would like to hear about it! The more prestigious the publication that whelped the horror, the better.

I’m aiming to create a wee document that, even if it doesn’t prevent dumb reviews on the first cycle, can be lobbed at lazy critics as a very polite form of shame grenade.

Send me your link (or a brief description of your general pet peeves) in the comments section on this post!

Family Man: Page 251

Created: 10 May 2012 / Categories: Comics, Family Man

Page 251 of Family Man is now online!

Since Family Man is an ongoing comic that updates once weekly, I like to feature a teaser detail from each week’s page. I look at all this art zoomed in so far during the long production hours that, when I see it in actual web resolution, I can be a little surprised at how much is no longer visible. It’s a good reminder to myself to keep moving, rather than wasting an hour drawing every individual hair.

But sometimes it’s fun to show off the little fiddly bits.


Family Man: Page 240

Created: 03 Feb 2012 / Categories: Commerce, Family Man

Preview of Page 240

Page 240 now online!

Oh, we are not done yet! You have no idea how not done we are, in this scene.

This week’s news! Behold, the Family Man site now has a shiny new Donate page, accessible from the top menu. If you enjoy the comic, have a few bucks rattling around, and would like to contribute, please take advantage. Donations directly enable me to devote my professional time to the comic, and also eat delicious tacos while doing so.

Goddess Prints!

Likewise! Brand new in the Store is a lovely print set featuring my first four goddess illustrations! Four powerful ladies from around the world, available for a limited time. They’ll start shipping on the 15th, soget your orders in now.

Family Man: Page 239

Created: 27 Jan 2012 / Categories: Family Man

Preview of Page 239

Page 239 now online!

I’m just going to keep going back to that well. One of the things I like best about working on this story is getting to weave in a lot of variations on theme and therefore bring things full circle in unexpected ways. We are now launching off into the whole second leg of the story, and it feels like a breath of fresh, cold air.

I’m working on some early spring cleaning for the Family Man website – making it easier for readers to donate to the comic, comment on it (maybe!), follow me more easily through my many social networking thingies, and adding some new prints to the store. If there are any features you’d really like to see, please send me a line – via Twitter, Facebook, LJ, e-mail…you name it!

What is the sound of one shoe dropping

Created: 20 Jan 2012 / Categories: Family Man


Page 238 now online!

Aaaaaand there we are. Don’t recognize her? That’s okay. She looked pretty different the last time.

Readers! Lovers of good stuff! This is the week where you buy Shaenon Garrity’s Narbonic collection and then you buy Jenn Manley Lee’s Dicebox collection, and you buy them in large quantities for everybody you love! I’ve seen both publications in person and lost hours to their delights.

These comics were some of the first I ever followed online, and both had a major influence on the way I think about story. Shaenon and Jenn are also incredibly thoughtful creators and great human beings. Support some independent geniuses and order today.

In other news, I’m back in the saddle, drawing goddesses of the world. More art on Flickr/Tumblr! Click on Oya of the Yoruba below to see her at full size.

Goddess: Oya (Yoruba)