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Family Man update! Also end of sale.

Created: 17 Dec 2010 / Categories: Commerce, Family Man

Preview of page 203

Page 203 now online!

In the age of online personals and speed-dating, a secret library rendezvous sounds rather nice, doesn’t it?

December 17th is the last day to get Family Man for $5 off! I’m spending the day sending out orders, so if you get yours in before 5pm Pacific I will personally put it in the mail (Priority) by quitting time. You see the power you wield over me.

Next week Friday is, oh, hm, Christmas Eve. Ideally I’ll be able to get a page up, but holiday travel and the fact that nobody will be online to read it* might result in a super-special post-Christmas two-page update before the new year instead. You can keep up with Danse Macabre in the meantime. Holiday cheer for all types!


*I know that all my non-Christmasing readers will be out watching Tron. No, no, don’t bother denying it. I won’t judge.

Family Man update!

Created: 10 Dec 2010 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing, Family Man

Preview of Page 202

Page 202 now online!

Now and then I have to implement a scene transition that, when read without the follow-up page, makes for a klunky reading experience. This is one of those weeks. However, there is a pleasant solution for this (general) problem, which is to read the comic in book form! There’s one week left on my $5 off of Family Man Vol. I deal, and juuuust enough time left to receive a package for the holidays.

I’ve also been drawing a series of modern tributes to the medieval Danse Macabre motif, the (very silly) original art for each of which is up in the Etsy store. A new death goes up each weekday until I run out of ideas!  You can also see the whole set on Flickr by clicking the thumbnail of “The Fitness Enthusiast” below:

I’ll do a proper roundup in the blog when I tire out, but Flickr’s a good place to follow along from home.

There’s also some original Family Man art in the Periscope store which is looking for a kind and loving owner:


Because I don’t think I ever mentioned it here!  Aren’t they cute, those kids.  They’re so doomed.

Created: 28 Jul 2010 / Categories: Appearances, Commerce, Drawing, Pictures

I’m back from Comic-Con International and, given enough naps, I think I might even recover!

While there, I kept a little sketch journal of some of the wackier things I encountered, or, more factually, my reactions to them.

Comic-Con 2010 Sketchbook

Click the picture to check out the whole set on Flickr!

It was a crazy time – wonderful to see so many friends, colleagues, and readers, crazy costumes and bizarre set pieces.  This was my first time going as a Professional Cartoonist ™ and that added a certain amount of angst – am I annoying everybody?  Will I sell enough?  Am I talking to the right people?  How many boxes did I ship?  But it was exciting to be at a point in my professional development where those were meaningful considerations.  Six years ago, I was looking up to people like me!  Pretty cool.

Thank you to everybody who spoke to me, bought a book, or gave a friendly smile at the convention.  It’s a pleasure.  Even if my feet still hurt two days out.

Animals at ECCC

Created: 11 Mar 2010 / Categories: Appearances, Commerce

Those of you who’ll be at the Emerald City Comicon this weekend will get first crack at these sweet little 5×7″ giclee prints from my Heifer International series. Come get ’em at Table F-07!





They are easy to frame and easy to love, and they won’t go on sale at my store until after the convention.

If they do well, I’d like to gradually release the whole series in print form and donate a percentage of profit to Heifer.  So stop on by!

Art sale!

Created: 25 Jan 2010 / Categories: Bite Me!, Commerce, Drawing

Hey all!  I’m experiencing one of those Freelance Moments(tm) where I’m short on cash despite being heartily employed.  Solution:  art sale!

I traditionally hate parting with original art, particularly from comics projects and especially when it’s not an in-person sale; it’s a little easier when I design something to be given away or when I get to meet the person taking it home!

So this is your excellent chance to snag some art from me if you don’t typically make it to conventions.

Up for sale on Etsy, everything from convention doodles to original art from Click.





The scans are on the murky side so that you can see the pencil lines underneath the inking!  These are slightly visible in real life so you and your friends can TELL it’s original art.