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Family Man: Page 240

Created: 03 Feb 2012 / Categories: Commerce, Family Man

Preview of Page 240

Page 240 now online!

Oh, we are not done yet! You have no idea how not done we are, in this scene.

This week’s news! Behold, the Family Man site now has a shiny new Donate page, accessible from the top menu. If you enjoy the comic, have a few bucks rattling around, and would like to contribute, please take advantage. Donations directly enable me to devote my professional time to the comic, and also eat delicious tacos while doing so.

Goddess Prints!

Likewise! Brand new in the Store is a lovely print set featuring my first four goddess illustrations! Four powerful ladies from around the world, available for a limited time. They’ll start shipping on the 15th, soget your orders in now.


Created: 09 Dec 2011 / Categories: Commerce, Family Man

Preview of page 232

Page 232 now online!

And, just like that: here we are.

Today (Friday, December 9th) is your last day to take advantage of the SPINOZA discount code at the store – 20% off your order! That includes special-order prints – if you’ve been dying for a specific page, the discount: APPLIES! You could also order a personalized book with an original sketch in it – for the price you’d normally pay for a blank copy. Diggity.

But this magic will only last until Friday is finished here on the West coast of America. Move quickly, my chickens!

Family Man: Page 231

Created: 02 Dec 2011 / Categories: Books, Commerce, Drawing, Family Man

Preview of Page 231

Page 231, now online!

All sorts of familiar things making (re)appearances! It’s fun to draw circles.

Holiday shoppers! This is your last week to use the code SPINOZA in the store to get 20% of your order. If you’ve already got the delightfulness on offer there, keep on eye on my Etsy store today. Starting at 12pm Pacific, I’ll be posting over a dozen itty-bitty, one-of-a-kind watercolor paintings, most 2.5×3.5 inches, for sale throughout the day! I don’t sell art very often, and these paintings are fun because they’re way more affordable than bigger pieces.

Also! Last weekend I appeared on the 3rd annual Freelancer Roundtable, hosted by Katie Lane of Work Made For Hire and featuring fellow knuckleheads Bill Mudron and Erika Moen. We answered audience questions and said inappropriate things and just generally had a delightful time. You can listen to it in audio form or watch our antics on camera at the bottom of the Podcast page.

Lastly, there’s a new set of Notes up, for pages 210-219! Possibly the sauciest set of notes I’ve written yet.

Family Man Page 230

Created: 23 Nov 2011 / Categories: Books, Commerce, Family Man

Preview of Page 230

Page 230 now online!

Dramatic ankles! And so much wolf fur. Oh lord so much. Man, if you knew the anxiety and anticipation I had coming up to this page! But in the end it all comes down to poinking in individual strands of fur.

Happy Thanksgiving, my fellow Americans (and the American-resident). I would hardly be patriotic if I did not provide an economic stimulus for the holiday season, so if you make your way to the Store and enter discount code “Spinoza” at checkout, you will get 20% off your entire order! (Note: Bite Me! is still between printings, but there is plenty of other fun to be had.)

Thank you for ordering – and happy incipient holidays, y’all.

Japan piece: now on auction

Created: 25 Mar 2011 / Categories: Commerce, Drawing


I created the above piece this month; it’s my contribution to the Periscope Studio charity auction, with drawings going up for sale on eBay and proceeds going to Peace Winds Japan, a partner of Mercy Corps that’s providing tsunami and quake relief in Kesennuma.

The piece is NOW UP FOR SALE. Please consider bidding. I’m really very fond of the piece, and I’d like it to go to a good home (and do some good along the way).

My earlier comments on how this piece came about, from my Tumblr:

Trying to come up with a subject to depict, I was struck by Mike Clarke’s widely published AFP/Getty photo of a girl on an evacuation bus:

I also have a love of classical ukiyo-e art (and the early 20th century revival of many of its techniques, shin hanga).

(detail from “Woman in Summer Garment” by Hashiguchi Goyō, 1920)

So I tried to combined the two. It was an interesting experience.