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Family Man update

Created: 25 Feb 2011 / Categories: Appearances, Books, Family Man

Preview of Page 211

Page 211 now online!

Scenes of passion: a good reason to hire a janitorial service?

This week! Damaged books are 50% off cover price in the store. I have a solid box of books that have been lightly rumpled, bent, or scuffed, and it’s time to share the wealth!  If you’ve been wanting to own your very own copy of Family Man or Bite Me but counting your pennies, this is a nice cheap way to go about it.

Next week! I’ll be at the Emerald City Comicon. I’ll have a new duo of prints for sale that I’ll post next week before I hit the train. Also, if you would like to commission a sketch from me to take home from the convention, I’m taking advance requests! Send me a line at dmeconis [at] gmail [dot] com (or just reply to this post!).

Family Man update!

Created: 17 Feb 2011 / Categories: Books, Family Man

Preview of Page 210

Page 210 now online!

Hmm whoops, remember that? Well, Ariana does, at any rate.

Newsy news! I will still be at ECCC in a couple of weeks; I’m aiming to have a fancy new print by then!

More importantly – Dark Horse Comics has taken over the publishing duties for Carla Speed McNeil’s absolutely wonderful series Finder. If you haven’t read Finder, you’re missing out on possibly my most favorite ongoing comics work, ever. Friends, if I could, without fear of legal reprisal, eat the heart and subsequently steal the powers of any comics pro: Carla would be on Maryland’s organ transplant list in a skinny minute.

Finder Library Volume 1

Now she’s being edited by my lovely friend Rachel Edidin over at DH, and goddamn it, I am not going to stop screeching at people about it until everybody involved is rich and famous.

Dark Horse has a new website online for the series, and you can pre-order the first volume of the collected Finder and Voice, the latest story from the series already, both at heart discounts. I don’t need to tell you what to do.

Family Man update!

Created: 04 Feb 2011 / Categories: Books, Family Man

Preview of Page 208

Page 208 now online!

…all I’ll say is that some pages are more fun to draw than others.



Erika Moen has started her new webcomic with Jeff Parker, Bucko! NSFW fun for the entire family, provided that your entire family likes sweetly lewd murder mysteries that make fun of area hipsters.


And freshly hatched in print, Sarah Oleksyk‘s wonderful comic Ivy is now out from Oni Press. Ivy is a refreshingly flawed teen protagonist who makes some important but excruciating discoveries about love, art, and growing up. Absolutely recommended – stop by your favorite retailer and pick up a copy!


And lastly, I recently I had the chance to attend a dress rehearsal of Portland Opera’s production of the Puccini opera Turandot along with many of my fellow local cartoonists, on the condition that we all produce some silly drawings. You can see my contributions on Flickr.

Family Man update!

Created: 13 Aug 2010 / Categories: Books, Family Man

Preview of Page 188

Page 188 now online!

It dawned on me as I pencilled this week’s page that it is essentially one of those Calvin & Hobbes strips where they go down the hill in the Radio Flyer.  I’d like to think that, at the end of this book, it is revealed that Lucien has been a stuffed tiger the whole time.

Anyway!  Onwards.  A couple more pages to this scene and then we’re through. Meanwhile I have still been sending out pre-orders (we’re down to under 200 left! ahahahahhhhh).  I’m beginning to develop hope that I’ll actually have them all out this month.  It’s fun to hear from people when their package arrives.

Usual disclaimers about having one extremely ill grandparent apply for next week’s update, but I remain ever optimistic.  See you then!

Family Man update!

Created: 01 Aug 2010 / Categories: Books, Family Man

Preview of Family Man page 187

Page 187 now online!

It’s been a lot of work catching up from Comic-Con (I missed at least one entire news cycle; only now do jokes on the Daily Show seem coherent to me).   But behold, here at long last is a new page.  Thank heavens for the occasional interlude taking place in a darkened wood; if it were architecture or bookspines I’d be in trouble.  Instead it’s owls and silhouetted pine boughs.  Huzzah!

I’m traveling once again this week to help out family, and my computer is exhibiting worrisome death throes.  Hopefully the both together won’t totally nix me for new comics productivity, but either way I’ll keep you posted.  At the least I’ll try to put up a new round of notes.

I’m working to send out a big pile of pre-orders every day as well!  A bunch of people have written in to change their mailing address at the last minute – if you’ve moved since you ordered, please send me a line and I’ll make sure your book doesn’t get bounced around before finding you.

I’m enjoying taking my time on the watercolor orders, making sure each of them looks pretty and has enough of my time invested to justify the generous donation.  I’ll post the two that I’ve finished so far as soon as they’ve been safely received by their new owners. (If you’re a watercolor-order person and you just CANNOT WAIT to get your book, please send me a poke and I’ll put together the whole rest of your order, ship it to you now, and send the painting when it’s ready.)