It’s publication day! Callooh, callay! Go order (or heck, walk into a store and outright purchase) Welcome to Bordertown. You’ll have an easy time finding the story Sara Ryan and I did together – it’s the one that has pictures!

I was very trepidatious at times about contributing to this project – not expecting to get a lot of love from reviewers (many of whom have their phasers set to “dismiss” when it comes to comics), not having a long relationship with the shared world in question, appearing smack in the middle of a prose book surrounded by genius up-and-comers in the fantasy and YA genres and some well-established creators whom I abjectly worshiped as a teen.

But now that it’s out on shelves, I’m allowing myself to feel excited and very pleased to have been so graciously invited to participate.

I should have a guest blogpost on soon showing how I drew the story; I’ll link to it when it appears.