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On Sale! Bitch Planet Triple Feature #3

Created: 25 Aug 2017 / Categories: Comics, News

My latest story, collected in Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #3, is now available at your local comic book store, or online through Image Comics!

Triple Feature is an ongoing anthology of original 8-page shorts, by creators hand-picked by Bitch Planet writer Kelly Sue De Connick and artist Valentine De Landro.

Bitch Planet is the sharpest satire currently publishing in the comics world – a mix of Brazil-style dystopian sci-fi, blaxploitation flicks, and Orange is the New Black. It was an honor (and a total blast) to be invited into the unexplored corners of that universe.

Naturally, when asked to do a riff on a multiracial/queer/feminist space prison epic, I chose to do a story about a couple of white guys going camping.


…you’ll see how it fits in, I swear.

Alaska Robotics Mini-Con & Art Camp, May 21-25

Created: 20 Apr 2017 / Categories: Appearances

I’ll be appearing in Juneau, AK this Saturday (May 22) at the Alaska Robotics Mini-Con! The show is free to the public, and you can find me from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. I’ll also be appearing at the Kick-Off Event at the Valley Library on Friday evening.

Shortly after that, I’ll be heading into the forest for the Comics Camp, where I’ll be leading some workshops on the techniques I use in my work, and leading some discussions about how creators can help make the publishing industry more accessible to marginalized voices.

This little con has an all-star line-up of guests that would blow the socks off of any big city show, so if you’re in the area, come take advantage – and I’ll see you there!

Portraits of Justice

Created: 01 Apr 2017 / Categories: Drawing, Illustration

Two new portraits in my portfolio for 2017! First up is a digital portrait of pioneering Stonewall gay and trans rights activist Marsha P. Johnson, in the colors of the Transgender Pride flag for Trans Day of Visibility. When questioned by a judge what the “P” stood for, her famous reply was “Pay It No Mind.” Apparently this was the response she also gave to anybody who inquired after her gender.

Next, in watercolor, is Jesuit priest Father Daniel Berrigan, the Catholic anti-war and nonviolence activist. The composition is inspired by traditional icons of the prophet Jeremiah (a subject of Fr. Berrigan’s writing); the prophetic scroll includes an excerpt from one of his best-known poems, “Tulips in the Prison Yard.”

Marsha P. Johnson

Martha P. Johnson, digital, 2017




Father Daniel Berrigan, watercolor, 2017

ECCC Panel: The Power Was In You All Along

Created: 07 Mar 2017 / Categories: Appearances, Audio, Comics

One of the highlights of Emerald City Comicon this year was moderating a panel with the talented cartoonists Lucy Bellwood One of the highlights for me was moderating a panel with the talented cartoonists Lucy Bellwood , David Malki ! , and Kory Bing . Its full title was The Power Was In You All Along: how to turn your weird talents and unusual obsessions into authentic, original art.

XOXO Festival  co-founder and blessed angel Andy Mcmillan  was on hand to record the panel for us. We reference some of our visual work in the talk, so you can click through the presentation slides in the viewer under the audio player below!


Emerald City Comicon, March 2-5!

Created: 01 Mar 2017 / Categories: Appearances


I’ll be exhibiting and paneling at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle this weekend, March 2-5! Come find me at the Topatoco booth, #1102,  right in the Skybridge.

I’ll have all of my books, a selection of prints both new and old, stickers, and more!

We recently adopted a real sweetheart of a rescue dog, Teddy “Roosevelt” Meconis. Teddy was a neglected stray, so he’s a liiiiittle behind on his healthcare. To help pay his vet bills, I’ll be hand painting wee original watercolor commissions of your very own money pits pets! 

I have a collection of ridiculously ornate miniature picture frames (collected over years of visits to art supply shops, and thrift shop expeditions), so your doggo, tabby, gerbil, python, or rancho will not just be painted, but enshrined.

There will be a limited number of commission slots available, so come find me ASAP.

I’m on two delightful panels this year as well!

First, join me for a topic that I’ll be moderating:

The Power Was In You All Along: How to Turn your Weird Talents and Unusual Obsessions into Authentic, Original Art

The creative world is full of copycats and trend-followers. It’s tempting to go with the crowd, but what if the real secret to success is…originality? And what if your best ideas lie hidden in your weirdest skills and most unusual passions? Join panelists Lucy Bellwood (Baggywrinkles), Kory Bing (Skin Deep), David Malki ! (Wondermark), and Dylan Meconis (Bite Me!, Family Man) as they explain how to turn your passion for underwater basketweaving (…or whatever!) into a creative goldmine.

Thursday Mar 02, 2017, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Room WSCC 604 (6th floor)

Then join me on Saturday as I participate in this fabulousness:

The World of DRIVE

Come hear in-depth, behind-the-scenes talk about the fan-favorite comic, DRIVE. Join creator Dave Kellett and special guests as they talk about the 9-year scifi series, and this weekend’s ECCC premier of the huge new hardcover. And since DRIVE was nominated for “Best Long-Form Comic” by the National Cartoonist Society, you’ll also get sneak peeks of what’s ahead in that long-form story! You may even win a giveaway of the new book!

Saturday Mar 04, 2017, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM
Room WSCC 604 (6th floor)

I’ll see you all there! You can follow me on Twitter for any show-related announcements.